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Tried it: Rimmel, 60 Seconds in "Caramel Cupcake"

Seriously, my favorite polish line. As you can see, it's practically the exact color of my skin, which I love for a sleek, ladylike look. Everything that I like in one polish! Here I am also wearing Revlon's ColorStay topcoat, and it's been three days, looken good!

- Opaque in two coats
- Wide brush (Essential for ease of application)
- AWESOME price! (1.50 at Walmart)

Rating...  A+


PINS ME LIKE : Spring into clean, tidy, and organized!

(My three favorite words.)

DIY Clothing Rack /// Press & Seal Wrap in the refrigerator! /// Cleaning Tips & Tricks (like using a seam wripper to clean the vacuum! /// A Thorough Spring Cleaning Checklist /// Parmesan cheese lids fit on canning jars! Plus 26 other Tips and Tricks to Simplify Life /// Tin-cans dipped in pastels, I call that spring ready organization! /// Building Under the Sink Storage /// DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers, that make my heart beat a little faster! /// The "Ineeda" Box (aka Car Emergency Kit) /// Plan the Perfect Art Arrangement... why did I not think of this!


Tried it: Rimmel, Lasting Finish PRO in "English Rose"

Rimmel has it going on in the nail-polish department!

Another favorite. I pretty much love every color in this line, and this dusty rose makes me think spring!

✓ Opaque in two coats! (A must for when I do my finger nail, I simply don't have patience for any more.)
✓ Not too goopy, or too thin
✓ Wide "Pro" brush!
✓ Sleek, square bottle. (Definitely a pro if you like to see them all in a stream line row...)  ☺

In regards to it being "Long Lasting", can't say it lasts any longer for me then any other polish.

Rating...  A+


It Works! Nail-polish painted bobby-pins...

Easiest DIY ever! Way easier then painting my nails...

(by the way, this was two coats)

Came across this awesome idea on Pinterest! (where else?!?!)


Tried it: Rimmel, 60 Seconds in "Sage All the Rage"

Another home run for Rimmel 60 Seconds! After trying two of the colors I picked up, I might have a new favorite nail-polish line!

Opaque in two coats
- Wide brush
- Dries relatively quickly
- Lasts as long as any other polish I have

- There isn't one in every color under the sun!

And for only $1.50.... makes it a completely non-guilty pleasure!

Rating...  A+


Tried it: Rimmel, 60 Seconds in "I Lilac You"!

Me like! Very pretty opaque pale purple.
I just noticed on the bottle it says "one-coat nail polishes", well I actually used two... but I'd bet some of the less "pale" colors in the line would only require a single coat! Plus, this has a wide brush, Booyah!

Rating...  A+